We welcome nominations and request you review the criteria below. Then select the Nomination Form to suit the category in which you will be submitting your nomination.

The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame relies on the public to generate the nominations from which the annual inductees will be selected. The nomination process is open to private citizens, organizations and municipalities. Ultimate responsibility for preparing the nomination documentation, and for its accuracy, rests totally with the nominator. Any costs associated with the nomination are also the sole responsibility of the nominator. All nominations must be completed on the official “Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Nomination Form” and submitted to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Selection Committee.

The mandate of the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Selection Committee is to select worthy inductees in to The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame and to acknowledge the significant contribution and exceptional achievement to athletics and sports.

The nominees must have a direct connection with Parry Sound, or the Parry Sound Area as defined by the following criteria:

Born in Parry Sound or the Parry Sound Area OR
Raised or spent his/her formative years in Parry Sound or the Parry Sound Area or
Achieved his/her athletic prominence in Parry Sound or the Parry Sound Area or
Made his/her contribution to athletics or sports while living in Parry Sound or the Parry Sound Area.

The inductee(s) may be selected in any one of the four following categories:

  • Athlete
  • Builder
  • Team
  • Honorary

Up to a maximum of six inductees will be selected, each year, representing a minimum of two different sports. Nominees may be inducted posthumously. The Selection Committee values the qualities of outstanding character, sportsmanship and achievement in the chosen sport. Individuals may be re-nominated should they not be selected in their first year of nomination. The decision of the Selection Committee is final and is not subject to appeal.


Nominees must have demonstrated outstanding achievement and compiled an outstanding record in their chosen sport or sports
Nominees must have competed at the provincial, national, or international level
Nominees should generally have been retired from active competition for a minimum of three years

Nominees must have demonstrated consistently outstanding commitment and leadership to athletics or sports over an extended period of time
Nominees can include referees, coaches, trainers, umpires, executives, administrators, media (journalist or broadcaster) or sport medicine
A builder may be inactive or active at time of nomination

A team nominee must have achieved distinction at the provincial, national or international level or have earned a provincial, national or international championship. The majority of members of the team must be from Parry Sound or the Parry Sound Area.

A nominee must have achieved or contributed to the significant accomplishment of others in athletics or sports in Parry Sound and the Parry Sound Area, and who may not otherwise fall into one of the other categories. An honorary nominee may be active or inactive.

The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Committee will review the Nomination Process from time to time and make changes to best reflect the interests of the community and the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.
Nomination Forms are available at the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame:

2 Bay Street
Parry Sound, Ontario

Download Nomination Form(s):
Athlete Nomination Form
Builder Nomination Form
Honourary Member Nomination Form
Team Nomination Form