Michael Burgess is one of those rare individuals who’s presence transcends across sports, theatre and music seamlessly. With a truly genuine personality, Burgess is engaging to all those he meets. He is instantly recognizable from his performances as the Phantom of the Opera and Jean Valjean in Les Misérables. Since the opening of the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame and the Charles W. Stockey Centre, Michael has performed regularly on the Stockey stage for our audiences and is a regular attendee of both the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Induction and Golf Tournaments. Michael shares his amazing voice each and every time we ask, without hesitation. His performance of ‘Danny Boy’, has often brought our audiences to tears. It is this same passion and sincerity that carries forward into his efforts to support the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame that positions Michael Burgess to be recognized an HONOURED MEMBER.