When you hear the name Tom Cochrane, you start humming ‘Life is a Highway’ and your mind quickly jumps to his stage presence, countless Juno Awards, Order of Canada recognition, star on the Walk of Fame and the list can go on and on. The Tom Cochrane known to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame is all that and more. Although Tom’s humanitarian presence (which he keeps at a low profile) extends to the international level, his local efforts are just as strong. The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame has been privileged to benefit from Tom Cochrane’s support for many years. Only a phone call away, Tom is a regular attendee and participant in any and all events in Parry Sound. He has brought his amazing talent to the Stockey stage to support The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame Induction and perform for our local community countless times. Tom’s understated presence along with his generous support positions him as a truly HONOURED MEMBER of the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame.